At Zalabar, we design lures for all types of sea fishing, but before launching a new lure on the market, they must pass a series of tests to ensure they meet the quality and effectiveness standards that we demand of all our products. we need.

We want you to be part of our great family and participate in the development of each of our lures and of course, put them to the test. If you are one of those selected, we will supply you with all the necessary lures so that you can assess all its characteristics, even if you need it, we can offer you the material you need, such as rods or reels, at cost price (Only for official fishermen of the Zalabar team). Your opinion as a fisherman is the most important thing for us and that is why we want to count on you for this project.


Bases Fishermen's Team Zalabar

1st Public Call: Areas of Huelva, Cádiz and Málaga.

We are looking for sport fishermen who practice fishing, preferably from a boat, on the coasts of Huelva, Cádiz and Málaga.

The selection process consists of 3 parts, online questionnaire, telephone interview and delivery of material.

Phase 1: Fill in the online form. Of all the respondents, we will select the people who best suit the profile we are looking for to be part of the team.

Phase 2: We will contact those selected by email so that they can provide us with a contact telephone number. We will call you to arrange when we could hold a telephone interview. In this phase, we will complete your profile with a few more questions and resolve all doubts.

Phase 3: We will call back those selected to meet them at their home port and deliver a batch * of our items for free just for reaching phase 3. At this point, the fisherman will value different Zalabar products based on their experience

From all the participants who pass the 3 phases, we will select the members who will join the Zalabar team for the areas of this call.

Those selected must sign a confidentiality agreement and conditions with the brand and will receive a complete assortment of our lures, based on their fishing modalities, and a merchandising batch of the brand.

None of the data collected in this process will be transferred, published or sold in any way to any entity outside Zalabar. All the information collected will be stored in a private database and will be eliminated once the team members for each call are selected. Only the contact details of applicants who pass phase 3 will be kept to contact them in case of replacement or expansion of the team.

* The items delivered in each batch will be established based on the fishing modalities that the fisherman practices and the responses in phases 1 and 2.

Join the best team of fishermen. Great surprises await you

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