This is our story.

Many are the fishermen who have been a reference for us in the world of fishing and most likely, thanks to their stories and indications, we live the sea and sport fishing as a true passion

Lote_Octokill.pngThese indications are what led us to find the fishing spots that gave our companions so many joys many years ago and where the first lures we manufactured began to demonstrate their impressive effectiveness.

That's where the name of our project comes from. Zalabar, one of the watchtowers that were part of the defenses of the Andalusian Atlantic Coast in the time of Felipe II.

In front of her, it was where for the first time we began to believe that we could manufacture lures, within reach of all pockets, that could give fishermen from all corners, the same joys that we were feeling.

But in Zalabar it is not enough to make lures that work. We think that when the fish wants, you could say that any lure works and that is not what we are looking for. Not everyone has or knows a brand of fishing in which, at certain times, it is very likely you can make a large catch. For this reason, we wanted to develop lures capable of provoking the most suspicious predators and that everyone can enjoy this passion as we do.

Regardless of the level you have, you can see the difference.

Lote_Octokill.pngWe continue to test and investigate new designs and materials, always seeking to maximize the capabilities of each prototype, always maintaining the foundations on which Zalabar is built.

Effective, Durable, Economical and Quality (EDEC). If we cannot fulfill any of our 4 pillars, we do not manufacture it.

Once the development process is finished, our team of fishermen put all the designs to the test to make sure that what we manufacture works and performs better than the others. Another result implies that we go back to the development process to improve it or, if necessary, create something totally new.

Among all the options, we look for the most effective colors in each situation and if the differences are not significant, we will create a single color if necessary. We do not want to make anyone dizzy with hundreds of shapes and colors, we manufacture to fish, not to sell.

This is our philosophy and we are so confident in our products that all our distributors have them guaranteed.


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