At Zalabar we want to thank our clients and followers for their loyalty and their trust in us, so we will not stop holding raffles and promotions so that everyone can enjoy fishing as much as we do.





To celebrate the great reception that our OCTOKILL trolling lure has had, we want everyone who has bought it to have the possibility of taking a pair of lures totally free.

To do this, you only have to send us photos and / or videos of your captures made with OCTOKILL.

How do we ship them?

You can send us the captures through the option that is most comfortable for you:

  • • Email:
  • • Whatsapp: 622 17 49 29

It is very important that, regardless of the method you use, you indicate your name, province, email and contact telephone number to agree on the delivery of our products.

Competition rules:

The raffle is held once the season is over at the end of October among all users, multiplied by the number of participations of each one.

  • • Each user gets a share for every capture they send.
  • • You get as many shares as you capture. More catches, more participations.
  • • Only each species sent will be counted as participation. (Ex: Sending more than one llampuga only generates a participation to the user.)
  • • Sending a video of a capture generates participation regardless of whether you send the photo or not. (Eg: Capture of a nice listing: Sending photo and video of the same piece = 2 participations for the user.)
  • • The size of the catch does not influence participation.
  • • Zalabar reserves the right to cancel the participation, partial or total, of a user in case of suspecting fraud or malice in obtaining participations.
  • • In the hypothetical case in which the draw cannot be carried out normally, Zalabar will draw, among all the participants, a pair of Octokill lures.
  • • Zalabar may modify the contest rules without prior notice if necessary.

If any user needs advice to send us their catch, do not hesitate to contact us, we will provide you with the necessary means so that you can participate.

The award:

The number of participants will determine how many prizes we give out, 1 or 3 pairs of Octokill, but at a minimum, someone will receive a pair at home.

  • • In the case of drawing more than one pair of lures, the winner with the first lot is excluded from the next draw and in the same way with the second.


ZALABAR. For those who feel the sea.

Terms and Conditions:

By sending us your photos and videos, you accept that Zalabar can publish them on its website or social networks without additional consent. In the case of not wanting to be identified in them, you will have to communicate it along with the photo or video sent. Zalabar will take the appropriate measures so that his face is not recognizable.

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